Let your favorite social media sensations guide you in your gift choices for any occassion.

Palm TV Shopping 🎁 is a gifting destination by trendsetters for fans.

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My fans can now buy my favorite TikTok Fashion & Make-Up recommendations directly from my gift store.

Your favorite fashion creators have certain picks from you so you don't need to worry about how fashionable they are.

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Find out what's trending from your favorite celebs picks in this season.

  • Trendsetters

    Peace of mind that you're picking gifts from people who creates trends on social media.

  • Fast Delivery

    Depending on the creators choices, your picks are imported and delivered within 3 weeks.

  • "Thank You" Video

    Want to surprise your friend, lover or company with a special message from their favorire creator? Consider it DONE!

  • Yo'Bucks Gifts

    When you're still not too sure what to get, simply send your loved one Yo'Bucks and let them choose themselves.

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